Soul Notes

What are Soul Notes?

Soul notes are an outpouring of my desire to offer you, dear reader, support to live your life more fully, tenderly, honestly, skillfully, passionately, and authentically. 

If you ask my close friends, they will tell you I am devoted to living my own life in this way. Soul notes are the written expression of the soul work I do with clients every day. Each soul note is complete in and of itself and may be thought of as a treasured little book.

I am personally willing to experience emotions fully – from deep grief to great joy – the whole rainbow of feelings. As a result, wherever my clients are, I can meet them there. My spoken and unspoken message to them is, “Beloved one, you are okay in this place too – whatever you are experiencing right now. Come, let's embrace this place (your brokenness, heartache, longing, or emotional pain of any kind) with tenderness, wisdom and honesty.” I can offer this to my clients because I have room in my heart for my own pain.

One of the best ways I know to help you to live tenderly, authentically, honestly, passionately, and skillfully is to share glimpses into my inner life, especially in those times when I am facing a challenge and working with myself. In many soul notes I share my inner process during intimate, intense, and transformative times.

My mind says I should offer you more clinical, cognitive manuscripts – but my heart just fills up and spills over with love for you and it’s my heart that offers these written, intimate offerings.

My prayer is that these soul notes will help you, dear reader, meet yourself with tenderness, honesty, and skill in more and more moments. Living with tenderness and authenticity is truly it's own reward… and it opens the door to a transformation – like a rose bud blooming into its full beauty and majesty.


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Soul Note Descriptions:

  • Developing Inner Authority

    To have “Inner Authority” means that we have taken ultimate responsibility for our own lives. It means that we know we are the captains of our own ships. When we are living from our Inner Authority, we make decisions by listening clearly to our own intuition; our wisest and most compassionate self. This soul note offers an example of what it means to individuate –to become your own best self and partner on the journey of life.

    If you are looking for a life that feels like your own, you’ll want to read this one.
  • Walking Through Grief

    My soul’s purpose in writing this soul note is to invite the reader into the center of my current grieving process to demonstrate feeling grief with truth and passion. Feeling grief with profound authenticity makes us more whole.

    If you have unresolved grief from a past or current loss, start here.
  • When Food Becomes a Substitute for Love

    So many of us have had a lifetime of heartache when it comes to our bodies. We continually beat ourselves up for over-eating and for the way our bodies look. It is time we learned to be tender with ourselves and our sweet bodies.

    This soul note examines why we over eat and how we can take care of ourselves in emotionally mature ways around our food intake. Join me in moving towards change that comes from our hearts rather than our judgmental minds. Let's focus on moderation with food and acceptance of our bodies.

    Do you crave an answer to your heartache around weight depression and weight anxiety? Read this soul note and grow in tenderness for your body and an enhanced level of self-esteem.
  • The Tyranny of Urgency

    Join with me in committing yourself to another way of approaching your life and work – 10% more peace and 10% less war inside. Learn to shift from “driving” to “thriving.”

    Are you sick of the rat race? If so, this soul note is for you.
  • Effort vs. Inspiration

    When we fuel our work with EFFORT, we often step away from working with grace and tenderness as our ally. We think we get more done by pushing, when in reality, we cause ourselves more suffering on the journey. Discover a more effortless way to approach your life and work.

    If you are frustrated trying to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, start here:
  • Being Kind to Yourself When Ill

    Criticizing or blaming ourselves for an illness is truly counter productive. How can our sweet bodies heal when our minds are waging war against ourselves? This soul note models shifting away from the idea, “How did I create this” (roughly translated to mean, “how is it my fault?”) to a new paradigm for being sick: “How can I take care of myself in this now moment?”

    Is self-acceptance an issue for you? Do you beat yourself up and blame yourself for being ill? If so, read this soul note.
  • The Soul Of Relationship Beyond Our Patterns

    We often spend years working on our relationships, recycling the same old heartbreaking material OR we accept a sense of deadness because we don’t know how to break the cycles. This soul note is a living, breathing example of what can occur for a couple when they put down the old patterns and step into the moment of their true connection and out into the larger world. This is a lovely story from Patricia and David’s marriage that reflects the spark of their mutual connection.

    This one is for those of you who have wondered, “What would happen in my relationships if we were on the other side of feeling “stuck?”

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"What is soul?  It's like electricity - we don't really know what it is, but it's a force that can light a room." 

- Ray Charles


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