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‘What If “old” Were Sexy?'

What if we had a slight shift of perception?
Maybe more of a global paradigm shift…
What if we decided that old bodies were beautiful like the old majestic redwoods just outside Santa Cruz? Roots deeply woven in the mother – Wrinkled, strong trunks – Having weathered every storm – Branches reaching gracefully towards the sky…

When we forget “old” is sexy, just think of the way Leonard Cohen sings Hallelujah in his full bodied gravelly voice, or the way Mary Oliver writes a poem, or the way Coleman Barks delivers a rendition of a Rumi poem… just think of the love story of Jessica Tandy and Hume Chron.
What would we do without Ram Das, sexy in his wheelchair after the stroke, saying his slow, sensual, powerful blessed words?

Think of the neighbor lady down the street in her walker with that gorgeous hump on her back… Or, of the old man sitting at the counter in the café, with those beautiful brown spots glowing on his slender arthritic hands…

Think of your own husband with the sexy silver hair and those new silver hearing aids to match.
Think of yourself; round, colorfully clad, fully present, deeply embodied making her last holy offerings to this world…
Let’s just say “sexy” is a fullness, a richness, a knowingness of who we really are and it only comes when the fruit on the vine is truly ripe…

Patricia Flasch



Dancing Every Other Dance

(Wedding Anniversary in Taos New Mexico”- November 2012)

I think about my husband’s death often;
Okay, perhaps I obsess about it…
I look for signs of his pending demise,
After all, he’s 12 years older than I…
The other day he had to sit down after only two dances
He’s become a bit of a couch potato, especially in the evenings
He doesn’t want to go out in the cold
He has hearing aids and his eye specialist says he’s in early stages
of macular degeneration
His cholesterol is off the charts
He forgets names, dates and sometimes entire chunks of conversation…

I don’t think about my own dying nearly as much; almost never
Perhaps thinking about his death protects me in some way…
Some part of me has always been convinced that he’ll precede me
What if he doesn’t precede me?
We, none of us, have any guarantee about the timing of our passing;
Our only guarantee is that we are passing – none of us get off this boat alive.

Well, then, I think I’ll join him on the couch some evenings
I’ll be grateful that he still hears and sees
He still loves a good story and has a deep belly laugh
He still is my most loyal companion
And, we still went out late last night in Taos to
Celebrate the anniversay
Listen to some reggae music
And, we still danced every other song…

Patricia Flasch


The Body Saying Goodbye to Itself

The time is coming
just around the bend
when my body will say goodbye to itself...

As the awareness of my own mortality deepens
and courses through me
A new possibility opens
Then maybe these wrinkled eyes
Sagging breasts
midriff bulge
spider webbed arms
chunky knees
and flat feet
don't matter so much anymore.
Maybe they don't matter at all...

What if I were to bless them.
Stroke the flat feet and the fat knees
gently hold the bulge and the arms and the breasts
and these eyes became so very beautiful to me?

So what if I have more wrinkles
and gravity is taking over
What if I can't remember your name
or what I had for dinner
or what day it is?
what if I completed my life's work
and really can't keep the garden up anymore?
What if all my spiritual and emotional intelligence
Is gone?
And, I can’t walk or eat or pee on my own anymore?

Then, my sweet heart
Would you still stroke my face tenderly?
And, could you put a damp cloth on my parched lips?
And, would you read to me so that I can fall asleep tonight
And, would you sing to me as I awaken in the morning?

Better to start saying goodbye to my body now
The memory of dying is good medicine for me…

Patricia Flasch

*   *   *   *   *   *



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