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Whisper #2 8/15/2008

Dear Love Dogs:
The quote that most touches my heart this month is this:

I am through with everything but you,
Dying into your mystery,
I open to your majesty as an orchard welcomes rain...

by J. Rumi

(This quote is taken from "The Illuminated Rumi" translated by Coleman Barks, illustrated by Michael Green)

∗ ∗  ∗  ∗  ∗

Here is my offering of a few introspective questions...

Have you come up with your own adult, mature definition of a God of your own understanding?

Who is the "You" in the first line of the poem for you?

Do you have a space in your heart that welcomes "the mystery" or can you consider creating room for the "mystery"? 

How might making room for the mystery benefit you?
What would it be like to imagine, just for a moment, how your life today could be like an "orchard welcoming rain?"

I bow towards each of you,

∗ ∗  ∗  ∗  ∗

Patricia has room in her practice for one or two new love dog telephone clients. If you or someone you know is interested, please give her a call at 438-8905.

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