The Love Dog News

Issue #6 7/04/2009


Get the Fist Out of Your Back

Inner Independence Day Edition

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When you do things from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you.

When action comes from another section,

the feeling disappears.

- Rumi -
Translation by Coleman Barks
The Soul of Rumi, A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems.

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I offer this newsletter in a Spirit of Tenderness and with all my love, Patricia

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Message from Patricia

The Fist in Our Back.

Dear Ones Who Listen,


We know what it means to have a fist in our back. We know all about the striving, trying so very hard, pushing, demanding, making things happen, and forcing ourselves to the top of the heap or at least out of the hole we imagine we are in.

We know about our own efforts to finally be "good enough," to convince ourselves that nothing is "wrong with us," to "save face" about the ways we think we have to be in order to be loved. We often, though, continue to believe that if we don't motivate ourselves from this old familiar place, we won't make it OR perhaps we'll die.

I have been a member of this "fist in the back" club for most of my life. More of the time now I'm taking time for a nap, pleasure reading, bike riding, tossing the ball for the puppy, or just hanging out. It feels wonderful (and sometimes a bit scary).

When "Becoming a Love Dog" came out, I thought I was supposed to step into a hard-core and expansive marketing program. Instead, the couch became my best friend. It took awhile to figure out that it wasn't going to work to make myself head out into the world with the book on my shoulders. I just could not do it.

A few months later, though, I'm so very grateful. As it turns out this sweet book is taking itself out into the world in the hands of the people who love and respect my work. It's not selling quickly - but it is selling truly - it is landing in the hands of people who say they've read it all through the night, or they can't stop weeping while reading a certain chapter, or they call me from some place in the U.S or England, or Canada or Sweden to tell me how its touching their hearts and changing the way they look at life and their relationships.

My family members have been touched by it and it has deepened our connection. My clients tell me they "really get" what we are doing now. New clients come in ready to do their work in such a wholehearted way because they identify with my story and they can tell a bigger truth about their own personal story. Old clients are returning with new understanding and enthusiasm. It's as if a curtain of shame has been lifted.

While the book itself at this particular moment in time is not a big commercial success, it is one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. If it never is a big commercial success, it's truly okay with me - I'll consider it my tithe to the universe giving back to all the wonderful teachers I've had and all the courageous students I've known who've changed my mind, touched my heart and graced my life.

The way the book is a commercial success is that it is expanding my business in ways I had no idea could or would happen.

When I decided to take the fist out of my back, and trust my inner guides to take care of this intrinsic kind of marketing, I thought that might mean book sales would die. Instead it is finding its own sweet way in the world.

Do you remember the lines in "The Prophet" by Kahil Gibran where he says "our children are not our children; they are the children of life's longing for itself." That's exactly how I feel about the book. It's not mine, it belongs to life and life itself is carrying it down the stream.

If this newsletter is touching something in you, there are two chapters in the book that would give you more material to work with. One is called "Forcing the Outcome" and the other is called "Effort vs. Inspiration."

Thank you for listening, opening your sweet heart and being exactly who you are this very moment in time. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for they ways you've been supporting the work that comes through me and the written word.

All honor to you,

P.S. I'm excited about an interview I did with Joanna Harcourt Smith on my new book, Becoming a Love Dog. Would you like to listen to the podcast? If so, the details are in the Bulletin Board section below!
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Coming Attractions

Patricia is available for book signings and workshops related to Becoming a Love Dog and Leaving Your Patterns Not Your Partners. If you want to partner with Patricia in terms of setting up an event, call her at 505-438-8905.

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Bulletin Board

Tune in to a podcast of Patricia being interviewed by Joanna Harcourt-Smith, dated July 4, 2009, on Listen to this fascinating discussion of Becoming a Love Dog: From Emptiness to Tenderness. Then take some time to listen to some of the many other fascinating interviews in the Future Primitive archives.

Order Becoming a Love Dog: From Emptiness to Tenderness! This book is a map for all of us: Rumi lovers, spiritual seekers, and those simply desiring richer lives, to continue along the path of emotional maturity and spiritual integration. Patricia invites you, within the pages of this book, to become a love dog as you enter more deeply into the inner landscape of your own soul.

Order Becoming a Love Dog: From Emptiness to Tenderness from

Definition of a LOVE DOG
Rumi, the 13th century Persian Mystic, coins the term love dog in his ecstatic poetry. He says that a dog's moaning for his Master IS the connection with the Master. A love dog is someone who yearns to deepen their connection with the unseen world. This is the world of love, communion, inspiration, compassion, tenderness, truth, authenticity, emptiness and the Divine rather than the world of creating victory over another, deception, being right, or amassing fortune and power.

Come--be a love dog--enter more deeply into the inner landscape of your own soul.

Celeste Yacaboni, a colleague and beloved client of mine is writing a new book entitled How Do You Pray? Celeste is collecting stories from all over the world about our prayer lives. If you would like to send in your story, go to

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About Patricia

Patricia has always been fascinated by the discovery of her own soul.  In her career as counselor, mentor, and coach she has spent a lifetime passing on her learning to countless students. It is Patricia's intention to be a hollow flute for Truth and Tenderness. In other words, to allow Truth and Tenderness to whisper in her ear and for her to whisper, accordingly, in the student's ear.

Patricia's realizes she can work with only a limited number of people through her private practice. Therefore, her new emphasis is to touch and inspire soul seekers through this newsletter, workshops and writing.

Patricia lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, David, and their new dog Rosie.

Patricia's purpose statement:  To welcome the most willing souls on earth, the love dogs, into a partnership of truth and tenderness so they can leave their caves, stand in all their glory and celebrate with their tribe.
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We close with a humorous antidote for the fist in our back. The following was given to author Michael Lewis by his father "to guide him through life."

The Lewis Family Motto

Do as little as possible

and that unwillingly.

For it is better to receive a slight reprimand

than perform an arduous task.

- Michael Lewis, Home Game -

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