The Love Dog News

Issue #5 3/15/2009


When the violin can forgive the past, it starts singing.

When the violin can stop worrying about the future,

It will become such a drunk, laughing nuisance,

That God will then lean down and start combing

You into his hair.

When the violin can forgive every wound

Caused by others, the heart starts singing.

- Hafiz -


In this Issue of The Love Dog News:

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I offer this newsletter in a Spirit of Tenderness and with all my love, Patricia

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Message from Patricia

When Friends Are Family And Family Are Friends.

Dear Lovely Spring Hearts:

I was pondering and starting to get into a "forcing the outcome" kind of place about creating the newsletter this time. Then, this morning I realized that this newsletter is really just a chance to open my heart, love dog to love dog, to my readers. That's easy. So, off we go.

Since Becoming a Love Dog is my first published book, I had no idea what having a book launch would mean. And, I didn't think about the future after the book launch. It takes a certain type of stamina and willingness to write a book, and another kind of mojo to sell a book. I see this now. Selling a book is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Some surprising results have occurred--springing right up out of the Great Mystery. One thing I really hadn't expected is that the book itself would bring me closer to my family of origin. Some of my relatives from Wisconsin--my niece, Lori and her son Tony came for the book launch. Their presence added so much to my feeling of well being. I had this sense that I am in this place in my life where friends are like family AND family are like friends.

It felt so sweet to have Lori and Tony in the audience--to have them rooting for me as I shared that piece of my life's work. Their help around the house and in the launch itself made things infinitely easier for me.

Since I moved away from home at 16, I have always created extended families and communities that I have lived in and in which I have thrived. This, though, is the first time that I felt like my family members are also my friends. I didn't have that consciousness in the past, because I was so busy doing my inner work related to family systems. I wasn't so aware that my family members are also love dogs nor did I really see how my family is a resource for me.

How rewarding is it that the years of therapy, coaching, and "attending every seminar known to man or woman," would actually result in emotional maturity and spiritual integration?

Then, just last week, two more family members arrived in Santa Fe, Abbey, my grand niece and her boyfriend, Ben. These two twenty year olds have such an enthusiasm for life and a general sense of "we can do anything we set our minds to," that David and I felt challenged (in a good way). It was good for us to find a way to keep up with them--though we did have extra nap time.

Lori and Tony and Abbey and Ben, each pair of visitors, prepared a sit down dinner for us. It was so "awesome" to just sit and RECEIVE. Receiving has not always been my strongest suit.

Being able to pass on some of the wisdom and compassion we've gained in our years of devotion to our spiritual path, was also a wonderful experience. I felt like the book itself initiated a coming home journey, in me, that landed in my family. And the members of my family were so receptive. What can I say--such a celebration.

This is also the first time in my practice that I have been this concentrated on making products, because I'd love to leave a legacy. Bob Keeton, master videographer, ( has created a CD of the Round Women poetry performance available at our store, a 90 minute video of the book launch in its entirety, and a 10 minute book launch video for YouTube.

If you are out of town or had been unable to attend the launch and you want a short synopsis of the book, take a look at the YouTube video. If you feel inspired to help me pass the word, I would be so grateful. (No obligation, though)

So many folks have shared their feelings of being touched by the book and how it is impacting their lives, marriages, and businesses that I am still taking it all in. I remember while I was writing that one of my main motivations was, "if this book touches just one heart, then I will be satisfied." So, you can imagine the level of personal fulfillment that is happening in my soul these days.

For those of you who are asking, "what's a love dog," please see our working definition in the Bulletin Board section below.

While I wanted to share the feeling of personal triumph associated with my book and my family's visit--I also want to check in with you so that this newsletter can have personal meaning for you. Here are some inquiries that might prove valuable:

  • Is there anything that would add personal fulfillment to your life?
  • In these times of economic chaos, are there things that you could do now, that you could not do when things were more stable?
  • Is it possible to use this time to wake up your creativity?
  • If your economic picture means you have to live more simply just now, can you do that with intention, joy, or perhaps ease?
  • Is there something you would like to do to further the possibility that friends are family and family are friends?

All honor to your sweet souls,


∗ ∗  ∗  ∗  ∗

Coming Attractions

Patricia is available for book signings and workshops related to Becoming a Love Dog and Leaving Your Patterns Not Your Partners. If you want to partner with Patricia in terms of setting up an event, call her at 505-438-8905.

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Bulletin Board

Becoming a Love Dog: From Emptiness to Tenderness is here! This book is a map for all of us: Rumi lovers, spiritual seekers, and those simply desiring richer lives, to continue along the path of emotional maturity and spiritual integration. Patricia invites you, within the pages of this book, to become a love dog as you enter more deeply into the inner landscape of your own soul.

Order Becoming a Love Dog: From Emptiness to Tenderness from

Definition of a LOVE DOG
Rumi, the 13th century Persian Mystic, coins the term love dog in his ecstatic poetry. He says that a dog's moaning for his Master IS the connection with the Master. A love dog is someone who yearns to deepen their connection with the unseen world. This is the world of love, communion, inspiration, compassion, tenderness, truth, authenticity, emptiness and the Divine rather than the world of creating victory over another, deception, being right, or amassing fortune and power.

Come--be a love dog--enter more deeply into the inner landscape of your own soul.

Celeste Yacaboni, a colleague and beloved client of mine is writing a new book entitled How Do You Pray? Celeste is collecting stories from all over the world about our prayer lives. If you would like to send in your story, go to

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About Patricia

Patricia has always been fascinated by the discovery of her own soul.  In her career as counselor, mentor, and coach she has spent a lifetime passing on her learning to countless students. It is Patricia's intention to be a hollow flute for Truth and Tenderness. In other words, to allow Truth and Tenderness to whisper in her ear and for her to whisper, accordingly, in the student's ear.

Patricia's realizes she can work with only a limited number of people through her private practice. Therefore, her new emphasis is to touch and inspire soul seekers through this newsletter, workshops and writing.

Patricia lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, David, and their new dog Rosie.

Patricia's purpose statement:  To welcome the most willing souls on earth, the love dogs, into a partnership of truth and tenderness so they can leave their caves, stand in all their glory and celebrate with their tribe.
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Know your limits, and you are limitless.

- Ivan Block, Massage Therapist, Santa Fe, NM -

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