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Issue #3 12/15/2008

Lo, I am with you always

Lo, I am with you always

means, when you look for God,

God is in the look of your eyes,

In the thought of looking,

Nearer to you than yourself

Or things that have happened to you.

There's no need to go outside.

Be melting snow.

Wash yourself of yourself.

A while flower grows in the quietness.

Let you tongue become that flower.

- J. Rumi, 13th century Persian Mystic -

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I offer this newsletter in a Spirit of Tenderness and with all my love, Patricia

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Message from Patricia

Dear Sweet Souls:

For many years I have not been into Christmas. I was just tired of the commercialization and felt that most of the meaning was lost. I have been 'making my own meaning' as time has gone on, still not really celebrating.

Since my husband's favorite holiday all year is Christmas, I have also been judging myself for not getting into it more. I SHOULD be respectful of his perspective. Then, this year, I realized I was in a trance--the "I don't like Christmas because it's too commercial" trance.

When we are acting from our patterns, we are in a spell or trance. A trance is like a wakeful sleep. When we are in a spell, it's like an inner projector, replaying the movie of our lives that is stuck on a single, historical frame. We see and experience our current lives through the filter of that old, painful scene. When the "pause button" is pressed on that inner movie, we really do not see the larger picture and cannot, until we release the pause, even consider moving on.

The simple realization that I was in the "I don't like Christmas because it's too commercial trance" was a wonderful Holiday gift to me.... because it shifted the pattern. The trance has lifted.

This year I am happy. I loved decorating the tree, blessing each ornament as it went up. Just this evening we went to hear a concert performed by the New Mexico Gay Men's Chorus. I was so pleased with the holiday music. I am happy in the wellspring of my being. I am filled with compassion for all of our suffering; economic and otherwise, going on in our world. I appreciate having the opportunity to 'scale down'. I love finding out, once again, what it is in my life that really matters.

As I count my blessings, I realize that like many of you, I feel hopeful about our new president. Though I know he won't be PERFECT, I do get a real sense of his integrity and basic goodness. For those of you who may have voted for John McCain, I hold you in my heart and hope we can bridge the divide in our country and find our way back to our shared American spirit.

Our book, Becoming a Love Dog, is just about to go to print. That makes me feel like dancing. Our cover designer said a few months ago that writing a book is a bit like "having an elephant." I have found that to be so true. Now the elephant, though, is about to take off around the globe. I couldn't be more excited.

My friend and fellow performance artist, Sofiah Ngoran, and I are creating an evening in Santa Fe called, Round Women, Retrieving the Shadow of Women's Bodies, in mid January at the Women's Club. A flyer is attached or you can go to our web site for more information. I am dedicating this performance of my poetry to my Grandma, Annie, my Aunt Margaret, my Mom, Helen, and my dear sister, Mary--and all the round women in my family and in the larger picture around the world. Here is a poem that is part of the performance:


"No more, my sweet body! No more! It's time to stop battering you.

When I walked by the full body mirror in the health club today, NAKED,

I reminded myself: 'round is in and you are beautiful!' Who says so?

I say so. Who else says so? All round women everywhere!

It's such a sweet relief finally telling the spiritual truth.

I'm beautiful and so are all of us who really don't fit the 'thin is in' model.

It's time to celebrate all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds."


Back in graduate school, while I excelled in the counseling and psychology courses, my true love was creative writing, drama and public speaking. I cherish having a chance to return to my true nature.

And, the clients I work with every day are among the dearest souls on earth. I adore sitting in the silence with them as we partner to inspire their souls and lift their lives. It's a perfect balance for me; working with clients, writing, performing. From this place, my life feels like a prayer without ceasing.

Authentic Holidays, Patricia

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Coming Attractions

We are very excited that Patricia's new book, Becoming a Love Dog -- From Emptiness to Tenderness, is scheduled to be published in mid January. We invite you to read an excerpt from the Introduction on the web site.

Leaving Your Patterns, Not Your Partners, Patricia's next book, is in its first draft.

Join Patricia and Sofia Ngoren for Retrieving the Shadow of Women's Bodies, an exquisite journey of poetry, music & dialogue the evening of January 17 in Santa Fe. For more information, please see the flyer attached to this newsletter or click here.

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Bulletin Board

Patricia has room in her practice for one or two new love dog telephone clients. If you or someone you know is interested, please give her a call at 505-438-8905.

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Looking to the future, perhaps this quarterly newsletter could be a way to build community. If you want to post a notice about something you have created or want to share something, this is another resource for doing so. I'd love others to share poems or songs.... And, I'd love to be open to what the universe may offer. If you have collaborative ideas you'd like to share, please offer them by email to

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About Patricia

Patricia has always been fascinated by the discovery of her own soul.  In her career as counselor, mentor, and coach she has spent a lifetime passing on her learning to countless students. It is Patricia's intention to be a hollow flute for Truth and Tenderness. In other words, to allow Truth and Tenderness to whisper in her ear and for her to whisper, accordingly, in the student's ear.

Patricia's realizes she can work with only a limited number of people through her private practice. Therefore, her new emphasis is to touch and inspire soul seekers through this newsletter, workshops and writing.

Patricia lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, David, and their new dog Rosie.

Patricia's purpose statement:  To welcome the most willing souls on earth, the love dogs, into a partnership of truth and tenderness so they can leave their caves, stand in all their glory and celebrate with their tribe.
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