The Love Dog News

Issue #2 9/15/2008

A Sanskrit Blessing

She who is without affliction

Great Mother of the Universe

She Who is eternally pure

She who is eternally wise

She who does not depend on anything

She who dispels fear

She who rejoices in Her Own Self

She whose limbs are the Scriptures

She who dwells in the cave of the heart

Bless us all.

- Lalita Sahasranam -

In this Issue of The Love Dog News:

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I offer this newsletter in a Spirit of Tenderness and with all my love, Patricia

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Message from Patricia

Dear sparkling souls:

I begin this second quarterly newsletter with a spring in my step and a feeling of inspiration.  Through the years many of you have touched my heart, as I have touched yours. I have a way now, in writing, to reach out to you through this newsletter. I feel so blessed to be doing what I love and to be in a spirit of service.

Just last week we finished the manuscript for my new book, Becoming a Love Dog -- Sustaining a Deep Relationship with Yourself and the Divine. Five dear folks have read the manuscript and given their feedback. Then, we make the changes and we are in another part of the birthing process.

One woman wrote, "I laughed, I cried, I cheered and I could not put it down."  That one comment will keep this writer going a long time.  In fact, I believe it will carry me into the next stages of bringing this baby (book) into the world: the actual publishing and marketing of the book.

I notice that what comes up for me is that "I don't know" how to do either step.  I've never done them.  And, I am absolutely content to be in "I don't know."

My two primary partners on this project are my life partner, David and my editing and technical partner, Chittak.  I do know that these two allies will meet me at "I don't know," and together we will find the steps needed to birth the book, each playing the part we came to play.

The other thing I know is that my Internal Board of Directors, which includes, Rumi, Hafiz, Christ, St. Francis, The Dixie Chicks, Buddha, Quan Yin and my two beloved invisible service dogs, Grace and Joli, will make the steps clear and cradle me throughout the birthing of the book.  When I consult my Board, it quickly becomes clear that I do have guidance and that they also want this book to be in the world. It's their book more than it's my book.  This morning when I check in with my Board; they don't have any words, but their presence at my side is palpable.  I can feel them writing along with me.

Here are two wonderful steps you can take, dear sparkling souls:
1)      Determine who your true allies are.
2)      Let them help you in the things that matter most to you.

Create an Internal Board of Directors that is filled with the beings and essences that you feel most connected with.  Perhaps your Board will include trees or stones or your ancestors.  It can include a teacher, friend, or any historic person. It doesn't matter who they are -- it really matters that you feel a larger sense of support beyond your own mind.

Consult with your Board whenever you want guidance and comfort.  You will be amazed at the wisdom and love that is yours, just for the asking.

David and I are on an Alaskan Cruise while you are receiving this newsletter.  My desire would be that you benefit by our Cruise.  As we receive replenishment and witness beauty we pass it on to your sparkling souls.

All honor to you, Patricia

∗ ∗  ∗  ∗  ∗

Coming Attractions

We are very excited that Patricia's new book, Becoming a Love Dog -- Sustaining a Deep Relationship with Yourself and the Divine, is scheduled to be published in mid December. We invite you to read an excerpt from the Introduction on the web site.

Patricia and Sofia Ngoren are doing a performance in Santa Fe in mid January that is titled, "Retrieving the Shadow of Women's Body Images."  This performance will include Patricia's poetry and musical interludes.

Leaving Your Patterns, Not Your Partners, Patricia's next book, is in its first draft.

If you enjoy this newsletter, and would like to receive future issues, please go to the web site at to sign up. When you subscribe, you will receive a FREE copy of the 35-page article, The Vehicle of Self Compassion, on the dynamic system of self-management Patricia uses and teaches.

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Book Review

by Patricia Flasch

Zero Limits, The Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (John Wiley & Sons, 2007).

Author Joe Vitale heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients -- without working directly with any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate's chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person's illness.  Joe Vitale assumed this story was an "urban legend," but he wanted to find out for sure.

It took Joe Vitale years, but he tracked down that mystery therapist, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, confirmed his story, and learned exactly what he did to produce these miraculous results. Zero Limits tells this story.  It is a truly inspirational book that is spreading around the planet like wildfire. 

The essence of Zero Limits is an updated version of the Hawaiian Shamanistic tradition called HooponoponoHooponopono is a healing technique that rests on the simple yet profound phrase: "I'm sorry and I love you."

The premise of the book is that the limitations holding you back come from inside you, not from the outside world.  For example, what's bugging me today is that my golden lab, Rosie, is becoming more needy the more I meet her needs, rather than less needy.  I'm angry and resentful and upset with myself that I am cranky with my dog.

Hew Lin's Hooponopono approach would be to let go of projecting my neediness on Rosie.  He would suggest that I pause and love the memories arising within me. So, I say to myself "Hooponopono, Patricia.  I am so sorry that Rosie is a reflection of my own endless needs.  I am so sorry about my own stark needs.  I love you, needy Patricia.  I love you in the midst of your most needy places.  Please forgive me for judging your needs.  Please forgive my closed heart around Rosie's needs and your own needs.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention for transformation and healing.  I give these old memories to the Divine.

Another aspect of Hew Lin's teaching would be to forgive myself for my anger and resentment.  So this layer of inner work would be:  "Hooponopono, Patricia for the angry and resentful part of you.  Hooponopono for all your old memories of anger and resentment and your lack of forgiveness for that part of your humanity throughout your whole lifetime.  I love you, Patricia right in the middle of your feelings of anger and resentment.  Please forgive me for blaming you for your humanity.  Please forgive me for having no room in my heart for anger and resentment.  Thanks for calling this to my attention for transformation and healing.  I give these old memories over to the Divine.

You can also make Ho'oponopono very simple.  You don't have to know what old memories are arising inside.  Just say the sweet prayer to yourself:

    I'm sorry.
    I love you.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.

The wonderful thing about Ho'oponopono as a self-help method is that it removes the mental obstacles that block our paths, freeing our minds so that we can be at peace and create more of what our hearts truly want out of life. Hew Lin has offered a practical way to clear out unconscious beliefs that we may not even know are holding us back.

Zero Limits is the place within where we are able to look at life without the constraints of our unconscious conditioning and old memories.  It represents a kind of "home base" where we can create from a position of wonder and inspiration.

One caveat I'd like to mention prior to completing this review is that, for those of us who were raised in a traditional religion -- we can easily translate "I take responsibility for all that is" into "it's all my fault." We can be terribly hard on ourselves when we think it is our fault! When reading the book and practicing the method, be very mindful that if we have thoughts that we are anything less than a wonderful, perfect part of the whole, it just means there are more memories arising, and it is an opportunity to love those old memories and let go of self-blame.

∗ ∗  ∗  ∗  ∗

Movie Review

by David Chittak Caldwell

Groundhog Day (1993) Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, and Chris Elliot
Directed by Harold Ramis

Groundhog Day, is my all time favorite movie and one of Bill Murray's best performances.  It met with only mild success in 1993, but it has stood the test of time and has achieved beloved status for many.  It is one funny movie and, ironically, bears frequent repeat viewings very well.

Why do I love this movie?  On the surface it is just a run of the mill comedy.  But there is something deeper there, something that rings true, and that's why I've watched it at least 20 times.

In the movie, Bill Murray plays Phil, an arrogant, self-absorbed weather man sent on assignment to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to cover the annual ritual of the groundhog coming out of it's winter slumber on Groundhog Day. He does his weather report and, because of bad weather, has to stay in Punxsutawney for a second night.
When Phil wakes up the next morning, the radio alarm goes off and he realizes, to his astonishment, that it is Groundhog Day, again.  And so it goes, day after day, he finds himself living the same day over and over again.

Phil responds with bewilderment. Then he despairs.  In a telling scene, Phil asks his drinking buddies in a bowling alley how they would like it if they were trapped in the same miserable small life, day after day, and nothing ever changed.  His buddy says, "Well, that about sums it up for me."  And indeed, there is truth there for many of us.

Then Phil begins to treat life as a game: he risks his life and gorges on food, as he realizes that, no matter what he does, time will reset itself, as if nothing had happened, and his alarm will wake him on Groundhog Day

As the day repeats, over and over, Phil finds that even one day has infinite possibilities and he gets the opportunity to learn what works for him and what doesn't.  He learns, in the end, that what truly gives his life meaning is intimacy, creativity and compassion. He gets the opportunity of being stuck in the same day, day after day after day, until he finds the life that is "right" for him.

In our own way we, too, get day after day after day to learn.  The Buddhists teach that we have lifetime after lifetime. I wonder if newborns feel like Bill Murray on Groundhog Day, "WHAT, AGAIN?"

Blessings to us all in our challenges and growth.

∗ ∗  ∗  ∗  ∗

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About Patricia

Patricia has always been fascinated by the discovery of her own soul.  In her career as counselor, mentor, and coach she has spent a lifetime passing on her learning to countless students. It is Patricia's intention to be a hollow flute for Truth and Tenderness. In other words, to allow Truth and Tenderness to whisper in her ear and for her to whisper, accordingly, in the student's ear.

Patricia's realizes she can work with only a limited number of people through her private practice. Therefore, her new emphasis is to touch and inspire soul seekers through this newsletter, workshops and writing.

Patricia lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, David, and their new dog Rosie.

Patricia's purpose statement:  To welcome the most willing souls on earth, the love dogs, into a partnership of truth and tenderness so they can leave their caves, stand in all their glory and celebrate with their tribe.
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