Retrieving the Shadow of Womenís Bodies


Round Women


"No more my sweet body!No more!Itís time to stop battering you.

When I walked by the full body mirror in the health club today, NAKED,

I reminded myself: 'round is in and you are beautiful!'Who says so?

I say so.Who else says so?All round women everywhere!


Itís such a sweet relief finally telling the spiritual truth.

Iím beautiful and so are all of us who really donít fit the 'thin is in' model.

Itís time to celebrate all shapes, sizes colors and creeds."


We invite you to join us on an exquisite journey of poetry, music & dialogue


Where:  Santa Fe Women’s Club     

1616 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe

Tickets Available:  At the Door  - $20

    (students & seniors over 60)   - $15

When:  Saturday, January 17, 7-9 pm
The Ark Bookstore (133 Romero St.) - $15


OR Register by clicking Pay Now below - $15

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Patricia Flasch

Patricia Flasch: Author & Performer



Sofiah Ngoran

Sofiah Ngoran: Performer


Patricia is a writer and poet living in Santa Fe. 
Her new book, Becoming a Love Dog – From Emptiness to Tenderness will be released December 2008.

Patricia is also a:
  • Soul coach
  • Psycho spiritual counselor
  • Business catalyst
  • International speaker & seminar leader

Sofiah is an Empowerment & Depth Coach, Teacher, Actress/Performer, & Seminar Leader who combines spirituality, goddess religions, women’s issues, ritual, transformation, myth, astrology & inspiration in her work.

Sofiah also works with Diverse Organizations as a:

  • Master Trainer & Coach
  • Performance Consultant
  • Speaker
  • Workplace Mediator


Join us for a free celebratory cup of hot apple cider