Events with Patricia Flasch


Oral Tradition Poetry Salons

Come, spend an evening sharing a poem, story or a song learned by heart. Or come as a listener
(no need to perform a poem).

Together let’s make a brief community dedicated to the love of the spoken word.

Where: Patricia & David’s home
    2503 calle de Rincon Bonito, Santa Fe, NM

When: One Sunday evening every 3 months at 6:00 PM

    Please email Patricia for the date of the next salon at:

Click here to see an old event flyer with a map


Workshops Presented in the Recent Past:

  • Book Launch Gathering for Becoming a Love Dog: From Emptiness to Tenderness the book that teaches you how to to cope with life in emotionally mature, authentic, and loving ways.
  • Retrieving the Shadow of Women's Bodies, a poetry performance sharing the journey from the heartache of weight anxiety and weight depression to loving your body and self-esteem.
  • Truth and Tenderness
  • Leaving Your Patterns Not Your Partners, Part 1
  • Leaving Your Patterns Not Your Partners, Part 2
  • Leaving Your Patterns – The Money Dance
  • Self-Compassion Day

Future Workshop Possibilities:

  • Mutuality
  • Holding Grief with Authenticity and Compassion
  • Shifting Self Loathing to Self Soothing
  • When Work is Worship
  • Bringing Your Relationship into the Present Moment
  • Any soul note

Santa Fe Coach Patricia Flasch shares how you can ease your heartache

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“Patricia is a gifted coach and a master workshop leader. Her genius is in seeing the truth and engaging in re-framing it. Her methods for reconstruction are powerful and employed with heart.

Patricia is wise, funny, and fully engaged in her calling. In workshops I’ve seen her lay the foundation for change in a short conversation.

When Patricia works with me, I'm clear on where I stand - and at the same time ready to try a new dance.”

- Gail G.