The Door Of Everything

~by Ruby Nelson~

I was crowned by my God, my crown is living.
I received the face and the fashion of a new person
And the thought of truth led me on.
I walked after it and did not wander.

And all that have seen me were amazed
and I was regarded by them
as a strange person.

And He who knew and brought me up is
the Most High in all His
perfection. And She glorified
me by Her kindness, and raised
my thoughts to the height of
Her truth.

And from thence He gave me the way of
His precepts and I opened the
doors that were closed.

And broke in pieces the bars of iron
but my iron melted and dissolved
before me:

Nothing appeared closed to me, because
I was the door of everything.

- Odes of Solomon -

Chaco Canyon Door

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